The world of recruitment and sourcing is rapidly changing.  To stay ahead of your competition you have to be able to sort the useful information from the waste of your time.  Find below a shortlist of people and sites (in no particular order) who deliver quality content and are definitely worth following  – Besides this site, of course 😉


Irina Shamaeva

“The” expert of LinkedIn and web search. Organising some extremely fun and educational contests.


Johnny Campbell

All-rounder, will be in the forefront of most cool new things from the moment they are discovered.


Glen Cathey

There are only a few people out there who think holistically about sourcing – he is among them. Following him will help you pick up the sourcing methodology.


Balázs Paróczay

One of the very-very few EMEA experts. Posts rarely but when he does it has the potential to make you rethink everything.


Andy Headworth

If you want to build engagement on social media, you better follow his advice.


Jim Stroud

The showman of the sourcing world was already creating sourcing strategies when most of the world was not even on the internet.


Greg Savage

He is managing recruiters since….. well, forever. Depending on your position can teach you how to manage a team of recruiters or make you understand what your boss wants.


Maureen Sharib

If you want to learn phone sourcing, she is the one to closely follow.



The page of the biggest sourcing event in the world – need I say more?


LinkedIn (@HireOnLinkedin)

Besides tips on how to leverage their product they often share market intelligence based on the registered members.


Oscar Mager

Great contract recruiter – it’s probably cheaper to learn from him instead of asking him to provide you with candidates 😉


Stacy Donovan Zapar

The sentence usually associated with Stacy is “the most connected woman on LinkedIn”. Thats cool, but that is no reason to follow someone. The extremely innovative and interesting way how she is transforming the recruitment of Zappos is.


Martin Lee

Too bad he is not writing any posts, but even his social status updates contain gems. Update: now that he joined force with Irina, I am sure he will write more in-depth again :).


Jan Bernhart

What I love about Jan is that he knows even the smallest tweaks can lead to saved time and efficiency increase. He probably has a bookmarklet to make him coffee in the morning.


Josef Kadlec

The – even more than usually –  spooky side of sourcing.


John Vlastelica

It is not an easy feat to be both practical and strategical at the same time. If you attend one of John’s presentations at a conference, you will see he can do it.


Dean da Costa

Collects and distributes tools, which is super useful. if you do not follow that many other people on this list but are interested in the tooling, he is the interface that will help you.


Bill Boorman

The founder of the #tru conferences brought a whole new concept to sharing best practices in talent acquisiton.


RecruitingAnimal, Matt Charney

Make no mistake, we are talking about two totally different guys. What links them, is the off the charts level of sarcasm with the potential to provoke some good thoughts.


Shane McCusker, Rene Bolier

Although not recruiters or sourcers they certainly have a vein of one and are creating content helpful for those who want to pick this profession up.


Wolfgang von Brickwedde, Barbara Braehmer

One word: Germany. With cultural differences being so important if you are working on German vacancies, be sure to hear the advice of the top German experts.