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Google X-raying LinkedIn

With the new limitation on LinkedIn searches it is now more important than ever to know how you can access LinkedIn’s data through Google. There is more to X-raying than meets the eye, so I am laying out the methods and the tricks in the post below.


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Identifying Target Companies

With all the excitement around semantic search we still live in an era of keyword (and more specifically Boolean) search. In sourcing, one of the keyword categories I rarely see used properly are the target companies. It’s an extremely important one though: Even weak keywords can turn into great ones if you add a parentheses consisting of potential target companies to your string. The keyword combination (consultant | consulting | advisor etc.) is a pretty general one resulting in many people not suited to your positions.

Combine it with a parentheses containing recruitment agencies and you pretty much know what you will get. This article is meant to help you gather target company names and create a proper parentheses in your Boolean string – of course a list of target companies can be used for so much more (market intelligence, sales, job search etc).

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