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14 best tweets from #SourceCon

SourceCon is the industry standard event of sourcing. Nothing shows this more than how the official hashtag of the conference, #sourcecon is followed by thousands – including sourcers and recruiters from the other half of the world, like me. The reason is simple: the tweets of the participants offer valuable nuggets of advice.


In this post, I have gathered the ones which offer the most to someone who could not participate at SourceCon Seattle. They are not necessarily the most retweeted or favorited, they may not bee the funniest or smartest, but they offer value on their own.

So, here they come:

The ever-busy Shane continued developing Balázs’s discoveries, and now Facebook search is better than ever. Download here.

Speaking of useful browser extensions:

And how to manage all that? With one of my favorite extensions of course (ExtenCeption):

Searching is just a part of sourcing, and there were many interesting tweets considering the connection and engagement with the candidates.

I believe most of us agree with Glen, but many participants were feeling their phone skills are not fully polished. An advice to everyone who feels the same way:

Probably the second best method is E-mail, but how many E-mails should you send? Quite many, based on this data.

When, you ask?

Quite surprisingly being persistent was something a panel made out from highly sought-after candidates said they respect.

Of course, the line can be fine.

One of the other topics the candidates touched shows how recruitment should not be considered an isolated activity – the company needs to add value to a future employee on various levels.

Recruiting at events is one of the best practices, for digital-savvy profiles even just posting with the right conference hashtag at the right time is something I always recommend. Loved how Bryan Chaney made sure he will be visible.


The last tweet I included is touching on a key topic for organizing the sourcing activities.

Johnny’s tweet got answers ranging from 3-5 to 20+ (heck, there even was a 42). Obviously sourcers at different companies have different scope of responsibilities and quite often many roles need the same skill set.  However, when deciding about the workload of sourcers, the same rule of thumb is true as with any other project.


Did I miss something (100% sure I did)? What was your favorite tweet? Comment below!

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